As a San Francisco Therapist and Consultant for Women, I work with women to:

  • ­ Expand confidence & self-­efficacy
  • ­ Cultivate leadership skills & potential
  • ­ Hone effective communication tools
  • ­ Identify and pursue purpose & fulfillment in work and life
  • Create work / life balance

Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, women in business face numerous obstacles on the path to success including, but certainly not limited to, inequity in pay, male dominated work environments, gender norms and stereotypes and a lack of female mentors. Many of these challenges exist in both traditional corporate environments and more progressive workspaces, like San Francisco tech startups. These factors often make it harder for intelligent, qualified women to plug, play and succeed with the same behavior men do and ultimately get in the way of reaching professional and personal goals.

I am passionate about supporting women’s personal and professional empowerment and success.

My background in psychotherapy uniquely poises me to identify your strengths, how they help you in your work and how they can be expanded to serve you even more effectively. It also helps me understand how parts of your background contribute to beliefs about yourself, communication and relationship styles that may not be serving you they way you would like them to in your work or your life.

Together we examine your work environment and personal experience. We work with the parts of your personal experience that you want to develop and shift AND explore how these parts interact with factors in your external work environment. We leverage this knowledge to help you cultivate confidence, build capacity and work towards personal and professional fulfillment. Our goal is to see how you truly excel in your work and and life when you bring all of your assets (all of you) forward.

I love working as a consultant and therapist for women in the Bay Area. Many women seek me out as not only a female therapist in San Francisco but as a therapist for women who either work or live in the city. If you have questions about how therapy or consulting might benefit you, contact me for an initial phone consultation (free of charge).