Reaching out for couples therapy in San Francisco may feel like a difficult decision to make. Both partners may feel apprehensive or unsure about trying to identify the ‘best’ couples counseling for their unique situation.

As you read this, you may be wondering, “Is couples therapy right for us? Do we even need it? Will it help?” Relationships are some of the most amazing, rewarding and challenging experiences we have. Few things can make us feel as excited, happy, sad and frustrated.

One of the hardest parts for many San Francisco couples about trying to navigate a relationship is that we get a lot of social messages that romantic relationships happen effortlessly and blissfully, or that we should just know how to conquer every relationship challenge without help. Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, we grow up with plenty of fairy tales and Hollywood movies that tell this story, but there are very few that honestly show that relationships can be hard and also hard work. There are even fewer messages that tell us that asking for help or support with relationships, seeking therapy for example, is a smart move. All of these messages can leave us with the feeling that struggling in relationships or thinking about therapy means admitting some kind of shortcoming or even failure.

If you are taking the time to read this, you are not failing at your relationship; you are admirably trying to figure out how you can feel more love, closeness and enjoyment in your relationship. Couples come to my San Francisco counseling practice with many different perspectives and start therapy for many different reasons, including:

  • ­Having difficulty talking about important topics
  • Feeling stuck in communication patterns that feel painful but go nowhere
  • ­Feeling distant
  • Having difficulty resolving conflict
  • Wanting to repair trust and build trust
  • ­Generally wanting to find more ways to build connection, intimacy and strength

My goal is to help couples develop the knowledge and skills to create the relationships they want. By cultivating communication skills and emotional awareness, you begin to better understand yourself and your partner. Together, we identify and maximize your strengths as a couple and work to resolve the patterns that are causing you to feel misunderstood and alone. Ultimately, you gain the tools, trust and connection that support you in continuing to successfully navigating challenges and grow as a couple.

I am passionate about working with couples in San Francisco because I understand how far the support, safety and insight which therapy provides can go to help people experience the love and connection they truly want. My work with couples incorporates the well­-researched models of Emotionally Focused Therapy and The Gottman Method.

In my San Francisco office, I work with a wide variety of couples – married, engaged, non-married, straight, lesbian, gay, Bi, Trans and queer identifying – who are looking to focus on many different relationship issues. The first step towards finding if we are a good match as a couples counselor and couple is to reach out for a consultation. Initial consultations are free of charge and easily scheduled by phone.

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