San Francisco Therapy and Consulting for Business Partners, Co­Founders & Critical Co­Worker Relationships

We all have somewhat different ways of communicating and relating. While one is not necessarily better than another, when two people have different schemas for interacting, there is an increased potential for miscommunication. This potential for misinterpretation and frustration is heightened when it occurs within a relationship in which you are invested ­­– and even more so when shared responsibility for a valued idea or goal is involved. Most importantly, ineffective patterns of interacting get in the way of your ability to work together and excel as a team.

It is well known that the tech startup and business scene in San Francisco is vibrant and changing the world, but it is less well known that many smart, successful business partners and co-founders consult a ‘therapist for cofounders’ or a “business therapist” to improve their communication, relationships and productivity at work.

How can consulting from a couples therapy perspective help your San Francisco Business?

I help close and critical working relationships function exceptionally and maximize collaborative potential. My background as a couples therapist uniquely positions me to do just this. I have a well ­trained eye for relationship dynamics and communication styles. I help you identify patterns that are impeding your ability to communicate and relate effectively, keeping you from meeting your professional goals and likely frustrating you on a personal level. We work together to discover and expand the positive dynamics that support your collaborative potential and simply help you enjoy each other more as colleagues and friends.

Finally, you cultivate skills and tools that empower you to minimize being limited by old patterns and maximize your capacity for dynamic results.

Consultation Structure & Results

  1. ­ Initial Meeting – Identifying primary issues and goals
  2. ­ Individual Session – I meet with each of you individually to begin to understand your point of view and interactional styles.

Additional Sessions focus on:

  1. ­ Identifying and Understanding negative patterns that get you off track
  2. ­ Resolving conflict & blocks in communication
  3. ­ Repairing and Building trust
  4. ­ Developing and Integrating communication tools & collaborative strengths

If you have any questions about how counseling for co-founders or business partners in San Francisco works or might help you, please contact me to set up a phone consultation.