FORCE: A opportunity for women in the SF Bay Area to come together and explore challenges female identified people face working in tech, create community and find ways to feel more empowered in work and life.

  • Do you work in a company with a progressive mission but often feel caught in less than progressive social and gender dynamics?

  • Do you feel the impact of a lack of female mentors in your company or field?

  • Do you feel passionate about building an amazing career but also sometimes feel alone and without a map as to how to move forward?

  • Are you familiar with “the confidence gap” in which as women we often feel less confident or take fewer risks than men even if we are equally or more competent?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you have to shift who you are or how you act at work in order to fit in?

FORCE is a group for female-identified people to discuss and question the challenges of working in environments that tend to be male-dominated (mostly male leaders and co-workers) and are in the process of establishing company culture. Having a space to explore these challenges creates an opportunity to find allies and cultivate community — allowing you to feel more empowered and less alone in your everyday work tasks, your long-term professional goals & your life. Together, we will begin to explore ways to effectively approach and navigate issues and obstacles at work and unleash your leadership potential. 

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  • This Group Meets for 8 Weeks.
  • Each Group Session is 1.5 Hours
  • $60 Per Group Session


Sarah Cox, MFT is a San Francisco based consultant and psychotherapist with a background in business. Her work with individuals, couples, groups and organizations focuses on expanding communication, building high-functioning relationships and intentionally creating company culture. Sarah is dedicated to supporting women in excelling in their personal and professional lives and believes that the more fully expressed and confident women are in work and life, the greater their power (force) to impact change in their communities and the world at large.